OLD Classes/Private Lessons

To provide a more personalized training experience, class size is limited. Register early to hold your spot!

Phone,Email, Skype and Face Time remote sessions are available!

Vaccine requirements:

  •       Puppies need to have started their shots – they can start as early as 9 weeks old.
  •       Adult dogs must have Rabies vaccine.
  •       Bordetella is requested.

Group Classes – Because I have Certifications in both training & behavior, we can address many behavior issues along with teaching the basic skills.

Puppy Head Start – (Ages 9 weeks-16 weeks) A 5-week class that includes an introduction to basic skills, puppy manners and proper socialization. $150.00 AKC S.T.A.R class

Basic Level One– (Ages 5 months and up)   A 5-week course that teaches basic skills (including Come, Leash Walking, Leave-It, Settle, Wait, and more. Also covers manners and distraction work. $150.00

Basic Level Two – A 5-week class that continues your dog’s training. Stand, Heel, Go to Place and more will be taught. The class will also prepare your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. $150.00

Trick Class- 4 week – Shaping and learning tricks… shake, high five, beg, wave, roll over, bang, spin, and much more! $100.00

Agility Foundations – All ages, in 4 week blocks. $100.00

Photo by Ken Gee

I do offer Skype, Face Time and phone options for both behavior and training!


Group class fees and private session fees are not interchangeable. There are no refunds! Class start dates are subject to change. There is a 4 dog minimum for classes!

Individual Classes

Private Lessons/Behavioral Counseling: Experienced with all types of problem behaviors. In-home specialized  personal attention to help teach basic skills, deal with canine manners and implement behavior modification. (reactivity, aggression, anxiety, etc.) A non-refundable deposit is required to schedule a consult. Deposits can be made here.

I do offer Skype, Face Time, phone and email consults as well!


Call (303) 619-8013 or email lisa@wagwag.net for pricing and availability. You will be required to fill out the Private Lessons Intake Questionnaire prior to our appointment.



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