OLD Group Class Terms and Conditions

By submitting my booking, I agree to be bound to the following Terms and Conditions for the selected training class.

  1. Class fee must be paid by cash, check or charge.
  2. No refunds. Polices are subject to change.
  3. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations. Bordetella vaccination is requested.
  4. Human food/drinks are not allowed in the training studio(Water is OK)
  5. Any dog that is ill or that presents a potential threat to other dogs or humans in the class may be asked by the instructor to leave the class. Please call before bringing a dog that may be sick.
  6. Any owner who is abusive to their dog or to other class participants will be asked to leave by the instructor.
  7. Children are allowed to participate in the training of their dog. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Children are welcome to watch, but please keep them quiet and in their seats. This is for their safety as well as not to disrupt the class. Toys and games that make sounds are not allowed. Parents whose children are disruptive in class will be asked not to bring them to any remaining class sessions.
  8. Visitors are welcome, but must abide by these policies.
  9. Missed classes: If you miss one class, it may be made up by attending the same session within another group class. You must notify me as soon as you know you will miss the class and we will schedule the make-up. Make ups for Agility and Level Two may not be available.
  10. These policies are subject to change at any time, please contact WagWag Enterprises (lisa@wagwag.net) for questions or more information.
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