I am the owner of the above named dog involved in a training program (the “Activity”) with WagWag Enterprises.

  1. I fully understand that participating in the Activity may not only involve risk of serious injury or death, economic loss, property damage or loss that may result from my own actions, inactions or negligence, but also from the actions, inactions or negligence of others and/or the condition of the property, and I voluntarily agree to assume this risk.
  2. I, my personal and legal representatives, heirs, successors and next of kin will not make any claim against WagWag Enterprises, or any of its present or former officials, employees, agents, attorneys, insurers, agents and representatives and their respective successors, heirs and assigns or any volunteer(s) (“WagWag”), for any injury, damage, illness, death or any other loss arising from or related to participating in the Activity.
  3. I, my personal and legal representatives, heirs, successors and next of kin shall forever release, waive, discharge, relinquish and indemnify WagWag from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, charges, demands, losses, damages, costs, attorney’s fees, judgments, liens, indebtedness and liabilities of every kind and character, whether known or unknown, including foreseen or unforeseen bodily injury, illness and personal injuries and property damage that may be sustained by me or my dog or any other person in any way connected to, related to, or arising out of my participation in the Activity, regardless of any negligence of WagWag.
  4. All dogs participating in the Activity must be current on all vaccinations. Bordetella vaccination is required. Proof of vaccinations must be submitted before the dog enters the class. I hereby warrant and affirm that my dog is current on all vaccinations, including the bordetella vaccination.  I warrant that my dog and I are in good health and have no physical condition that would prevent either of us from participating in the Activity. I have had the opportunity to seek medical advice for any concerns I may have had regarding my health or my dog’s health. 
  5. I have carefully read this Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement (the “Agreement”) and fully understand its contents. I am aware that I have given up substantial rights by signing the Agreement, and I am signing the Agreement voluntarily. I have no obligation to participate in the Activity or sign this Agreement, but I desire to do so.